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Apparel Jobs Foundation Inc. : a non profit corporation

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AJF Board Member Profiles:


The AJF founder, Alan Walters represents the 3rd generation of California apparel workers. After college he began his career in apparel production in Los Angeles. However due to the constant push for lower prices from his clients and a subsequent shortage of qualified factories, Mr. Walters began producing apparel outside the US. Since that time Alan has focused his productions in Mexico and Central America. Eventually he began working to develop World Bank funded apparel manufacturing projects in the Caribbean Basin, including Belize and Jamaica with export to the United States. Additionally Alan has established and maintained factories in Kenya post A.G.O.A.


AJF board member and environmental steward, Isaac Nichelson, is a recognized design innovator and promoter of eco-friendly fashion and materials. Isaac is known as “the Johnny Appleseed of Eco”, a title given to him by California Apparel News in 2007 as a result of Isaac’s pioneering efforts to expand the development and application of organic and recycled textiles, as well as lower-impact finishing processes over the last 15 years.