The vision of the Apparel Jobs Foundation is to create living-wage jobs for the U.S. workers, superior working conditions, and reduced environmental impact.*


All AJF funding is used to develop opportunities for U.S. workers.

Not only will a large number of jobs be created, but the ramp-up process is extremely time efficient. Garment assembly is a labor-intensive effort, and fortunately, both the learning curve for inexperienced operators, and the development of new factories can occur within a matter of months.


For the retailer, the AJF provides the opportunity to offer a made in USA option to the domestic consumer at a highly competitive price. Apparel and textile products produced through the AJF will not be encumbered by the high margins normally imbedded in conventional apparel manufacturing. Further competitive savings will be realized, as working partnerships between factory and point of sale will allow for reduced inventory levels.


Global Concerns- While the AJF is initially focusing all programs toward domestic workers, we are not blind to the need for economic relief through sustainable employment in other parts of the world. The AJF has the long-range goal of earmarking funds for relief projects to confront economic depression, such as the abject poverty of Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Latin America, and natural disasters such as the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. As these types of events arise the AJF will broadcast the opportunity to provide assistance.


The AJF integrated brand(s) will serve as an additional tool to offer both commercial and industrial customers apparel products that reflect our social and environmental commitment as well as the ability to adapt quickly to the constantly changing form of the industry.



(* - AJF works in partnership with accredited 3rd party certifications to insure labor conditions and environmental sustainability are both optimized and transparent.)